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Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan1998

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08/28/08 12:40 AM #1    

Bridgeen Garrett (Kanyer)

Mrs. Sullivan was such a hoot! That woman was funny without even trying and she made writing fun. But what was in her coffee cup???

08/28/08 01:04 PM #2    

Andy Eykel

I don't think that was just mocha frapacino in her cup

08/31/08 09:17 AM #3    

Rebecca Griffith (Kjorvestad)

She was an endearing woman who cared deeply about us producing the fine literature that was, The Helm. I always wondered why I'd see her lying face up on top of her desk, coffee cup in hand....hmmmm. Anyone else get to hear her sing?

09/02/08 09:33 AM #4    

Catherine Swanstrom (Augustyniewicz)

I remember it was in her class that we heard about the space shuttle "Challenger" blowing up. She was visibly shaken. I was too young and invincible to really get the whole scope of the tragedy.

And it was in her class that I learned that teachers don't pay much attention to you during spelling tests....I have no idea how that list got under my paper....

There must be some truth to the coffee thing - if after 20 years you're still remembered as the "one with something other than coffee in your coffee cup". Hmmmmm....

09/15/08 03:19 PM #5    

Shane Slee

She liked jameson wiskey and duggans Irish Cream. She got caught by me pre-class when I came out of the dark room and she didnt know anyone was in there after that I knew where her stash was middle right drawer in desk at the back under several stacks of paper .. Somtimes I would head down there for lunch to have bit oh the nip myself on 1 or 2 occasions .. Mr Woodman was a straight Burbon Man though .. Probably why they never drank together..

09/29/09 10:01 PM #6    

James Tyree

During the summer between freshman and sophomore years, Ms. Sullivan was one of the teachers that went to Europe with 26 students. Mr. Houk and Mr. Alfred also went. I was the one of only two guys that went. One of the funniest memories and actually rather scary for someone my age, was in Greece when we went to the beach. It turns out that most european women went topless. At 15, it was paradise. Anyways, when we were walking on the beach we happened to see Ms. Sullivan basking in the sun, "European Style". When she walked onto the tour bus 20 minutes later, she received a very loud round of applause with even a few cat calls. I have fortunately been able to remove that picture from my memory.

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